Programming projects to do:

DNS Resolver:
Check a hostname repeatedly against a list of DNS servers and record the unique results.
Bonus: create a gui which will allow you to drill down to which dns server(s) returned which results.
Proxy Query:
Determine if a proxy or list of proxies, determined by the DNS resolver, are up and accepting connections on a designated port, such as 80 or 8080. If they are down record the result (refused/timed out) and display to the user. This must run locally.
Clippings replacement:
Create a menu within windows which will activate in any text field and bring up a selection of pre-configured text, like clippings does.
Bonus: include support for hotkeys and import/export
Bonus: it would be really cool if this could be expanded into a client/server model using https.
It would, from a client's perspective, need to function independently but have a configurable webserver that can be used to maintain its database, preferably with some sort of change control mechanism that can bring the records up to date given an assumption that the server will not always be accessible.
The authenitication would have to be secured some how, possibly with independently generated keys created on account login? Maybe a simple password scheme?
The server piece would be a regular web page that could work in apache, be configured to use a database, and have some sort of a web front end for managing, viewing, and creating accounts by an administrator.
The individual accounts would need to contain access control like password resets, identify and manage which clients are using the profile, and possibly a way to view the clippings records themselves - though not necessarily a way to change them.
Such a task would definitely need to be designed with security in mind so the data being fed into the database needs to be checked for php exploits and database updates at a minimum.

Create a tool which will allow the creation and management of rules and associated proxies.
Generate a useable output in the form of a Proxy Autoconfig File, as seen here:
Bonus: Allow for database integration and export/import. something simple like sqlite would work.